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Terms and Conditions

‘Wrek King’ Warranty customer satisfaction for a period of 90 days, from date of purchase on all mechanical parts sold.
1) UNLIMITED KILOMETRES: unless otherwise stated on front of invoice.
2) All warranties are parts only. In the event of a claim ‘Wrek King’ will not be held responsible for consequential loss or damage,
labour, towing, loss of income or down time. Due to failure of any part sold.
3) ELECTRICAL COMPONENTS: All electrical components come with a 30 day warranty unless stated otherwise. All electrical items
will only be replaced, NO REFUNDS given on electrical parts.
4) ENGINES, GEARBOXES, DIFFERENTIALS: Warranty will be void and no claim recognised where such failure has occurred due to
or caused by;
A) Incorrect or lack of oil lubricants or fuel.
B) Overheating or heat tab missing.
C) Failure to carry out proper maintenance.
D) Unauthorised repairs, alterations or dismantle.
E) Improve installation or application.
F) Accident damage, overloading or misuse.
G) Seal Malfunction ( replace with new genuine seals )
H) Radiator & Oil Cooler Malfunction ( radiators must be serviced & tested )
I) Timing Belt or Chain Malfunction
PLEASE NOTE: In the event of any early signs of malfunction it is the customer’s responsibility to immediately cease operation and
report problem to ‘Wrek King’. Failure to comply with these conditions may result in further and serious consequential damage and
void any warranty entitlement.
5) Engines are sold as long bare, any accessories supplied with the unit are for your convenience only. If fitted are not covered by
the warranty and may not fit your model, we recommend that you use your existing accessories.
6) In the event of any claim being declined ‘Wrek King’ reserves right to recover any costs involved in dismantling, inspecting
repairs, out?of?pocket expense and freight charges.
7) In the event of any dispute a mutual third party may be obtained to adjudicate the claim.
8) ‘Wrek King’ will not be held responsible for any verbal or implied representation.
9) All claims must be accompanied by this official receipt/invoice.
10) RETURNS: Parts will only be accepted back if they are in the same condition as sold.
A) No returns after 7 days.
B) No returns on cut sections.
C) Any special buy?ins will not be accepted for credit.
11) FREIGHT: As such any goods in transit to the customer are the customers responsibility, this includes freight costs – insurance
etc. Return will only be accepted if returned to our premises, freight pre?paid unless arrangements are made with ‘Wrek King’ who
will direct you to which carrier and mode of transport should be used.
We would point out that where it is reasonable to send goods that are required urgently by a costly overnight fast freight company
it is rather unwise and uneconomical to return the trade?in or same component if it is faulty, by the same costly freight system. It
would be, we suggest more prudent and economical to return such goods by a far less costly general carrier or rail freight.
12) PANELS – INTERIOR PARTS: Are sold as inspected, and will only be accepted back if the incorrect model has been given. A full
money back refund will be given in such cases. It is up to the customer to ascertain the correct make, model and body type required
and ‘the company’ cannot be held responsible if incorrect information is given. Panels, interior parts etc. will only be accepted back
in the same condition as sold.
To protect your warranty becoming void we suggest the following:
A) Radiator and cooling system to be flushed.
B) Renew all belts, hoses, radiator cap, spark plugs, oil and oil filter.
C) Diesel – injectors and injector pump to be serviced and fuel filter to be replaced.